Mrs Macs Books offers a complete, tailored financial service, to small and medium sized businesses, sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, clubs and associations.


We process your accounts and paperwork on a monthly or annual basis, then deliver them processed and filed for your convenience. For monthly customers we supply you with prepaid postal bags so you can post your paperwork to us at each month end for processing. We will retain your filing for the year and post it back to you, in order, so that it can be archived for a minimum of six years.

We can supply you with your financial data and a detailed list of your customers and suppliers with outstanding balances to date. We can also issue invoices to your customers by email.

We will process your month and year end financials, VAT returns, MGD returns, CIS returns, PAYE returns and submit them online to the relevant authority, after you have reviewed and approved them.

We also offer a mail service in which we open and sort your mail to the relevant department and for those businesses with even less time, we offer a bank payment processing service where we pay your bills from your account on your authorisation and bank your takings at regular intervals.